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Friends Only


I don't feel like having this journal used against me, because according to GogDog, that exact thing is happening. So screw that, but this still couldn't hurt.

something I stole from artoni

I've been on an air clearing kick lately, so I figured I might do it over here as well. Stole the basic idea as well as this text from artoni .

So: Feel free to slam me with anything you've been holding back for a while. Literally anything, knock yourself out. I promise you that anything negative or blunt you say to me won't hurt our friendship and I will actually take it into account and try to change. Confessions of love will also be accepted. |D

Comments are screened. Don't worry about my feelings, really. Go nuts.


Join The Madness Here


I promise not to scar you too much.



  This is where I'm going to be doing what I set out to do with this LJ. Which is commenting on pop culture and reviewing toys. Considering this journal is more personal now, I think I need to make a new one specifically for just making fun of things.

But yeah, anyway. doctor_sage . I think I've added a few of you already.

I'm tempted.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Friends and Days of our Lives.
The story should use tentacle rape as a plot device!

Generated by the
Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

I'm so going to do this.


 Not talking about it with anyone until I read the bill. And not talking about it with anyone who hasn't read the bill.

FYI, I'm for it. So far. Let's see.

SoulSilver review

 I really need to get my mind off what happened, so I guess I should write a review of what I think SoulSilver so far. 

Review under the cut...Collapse )

TFW Funnies Awards: Funnies Moment

I am losing.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Yeah....might do a longer review later, but this is pretty much it actually.


Last part of the Christmas haul...

 Just got my last two Christmas presents, thanks to miss_paw_prints. Rollbar and Dune Runner!

I had been thinking of picking these two little guys up, but never got around to it. But now I have them! 

So, Dune Runner! Great little guy, very articulate, nice transformation, and he's got these nice little guns that remind me of The Master's Laser Screwdriver. Reminds me a lot of TFTM1 Landmine in vehicle mode, but not so much in robot mode. Overall, very nice little figure.

And there's Rollbar as well! He's my favorite of the two, funny robot mode, nice little alt mode, a little more articulated, and he just makes me chuckle when I look at him.

Overall, two very nice little guys, I'd recommend picking them up if you see one. ^^